Because I do not have the heart…

…to blog about this morning’s IEP meeting, I will leave you, instead, to ponder this:

I have been asked to reveal six unspectacular quirks about myself by the lovely Sustenance Scout. You can read about her quirky self here, and the rules of the game here. I will likely break those rules by breaking the tag—if you want to play along, by all means join in. I’m just not going to tap you on the shoulder and say, “You’re it!”

  1. I love light, fun, chick-flick movies (Princess Brides and Runaway Brides and Pretty Women) but I do not love chick-lit. I like my books to weigh me down and break my heart.
  2. I have to push the shopping cart. I cannot shop, cannot think, cannot process what I need unless I am pushing the cart.
  3. I am a huge fan of opera music, but I have never been to an opera.
  4. I do not like it when the shoes match the bag.
  5. I am afraid of train and subway platforms. And though I used to make a big show of standing too close to the edge, I have since come to realize that standing on the edge of anything is a bad idea.
  6. I am never quirky—not even in a good or bad way—according to my husband.

17 thoughts on “Because I do not have the heart…

  1. Oh dear. Well, at least you did get the services, right? Take time for yourself this afternoon to just BE with your family and regain your equilibrium.

    I had to laugh at #2; I’m the same! Makes my husband crazy; he just doesn’t understand.

    #3– you absolutely owe it to yourself to get to the opera; if you can, get tickets to a Saturday matinee (go here for the 2008-09 season info for the Met: You won’t regret it at all! (That’s one thing I miss terribly about not living in or near NYC anymore.)

  2. OK. Here’s the thing. I’m sure it was as bad as you think it was, because you were there, and you’re feeling badly. BUT. You wound up hugging GP’s classroom teacher? At some point, I hope you get a chance to recognize how HUGE that is, considering your history together.

    I am glad you got what you wanted/what he needed. I hate that it had to hurt so much for you to get there.

  3. I’m so sorry for your day — I’m sending you a hug. It’s funny, but every person I ever worked with in my magazine life was very quirky… I can’t believe you’re not just little bit 🙂 Hang in there. I’m glad you got the services you wanted.

  4. I’m sorry it was a hard meeting and wish I’d been available to chat this afternoon. I want to hear about it when you’re ready to talk. I’m glad that you got the services. Sigh.

    Oh, and you are so totally quirky. Nice try. 🙂

  5. oh, honey! i am so glad you got the services you were asking for! and i’m sorry it was emotional but they are, aren’t they? at least they always were for me.

    sending hugs. xxxx

  6. IEP’s. Just think of it as a role play. I cannot think of a more unnatural thing to do – to sit and listen to “professionals” talk about my child. Ugh.

    It’s over. For the next year.

    And the cart? I’m a pusher, too. Totally.

  7. I’m glad to hear you got the services, and I totally understand not being able to go into the details …. I always feel so emotionally drained after those meetings.

    I’m a cart pusher too.

  8. I’m glad for you that it is over and you had victory.

    Just now catching up on your blog. Beautiful beach pictures and happy belated blogiversary!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my BabyCenter blog. I like your goals. I am with you on 2 out of 5. Writing a book and stopping my worrying. But being skinny and going to India and owning a sailboat? Lets say that a boat and a plane ride to India would make me vomit, which would indeed make me skinny, but not worth the risk.

  10. First of all, I am sorry about all the stress/angst, non-warm/fuzziness with the IEP (but glad to hear that you were able to get the necessary services for GP) and when you are ready to tell us about it, we will all be here to listen.

    Second, I am with Jordan, you are totally quirky, you are a writer for goodness sakes. Comes with the territory!! How’s this for quirky (or maybe just plan weird)? I hate the subway platforms, too, b/c I have this compelling desire to jump out into the opening. I almost feel like I need to stay back so that I won’t just wildly follow through. I am no risk taker, so I just don’t get this about myself.

  11. More hugs here.

    I love a lot of the chick-lit movies too, but haven’t read a c-l novel in years.

    Rebecca tagged me; wonder what quirks I will dare to reveal?

  12. I wish you were closer so I could sneak you in to watch opera rehearsals with me! Sophie’s going to be a super (like an extra) in SF Opera’s Das Rheingold, and rehearsals start on Saturday. If you end up in the bay area in the next few weeks, let me know!

  13. Wow, opera. Sounds heavenly. And thanks for the “lovely” reference, btw. Took me long enough to finally stop by and read your quirks (which aren’t quirks, I understand); thanks for playing! Platforms of any kind scare me, though especially those that folks in the book marketing biz say you need in order to even sell a novel, for crying out loud. Carleen says her extended family is her platform, which I love. Speaking of novels, you’ve finished yours!! Hooray!! When you come to the Tattered Cover Book Store here in Denver on your author tour, I’ll make sure my shoes and bag don’t in any way match. Promise!

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